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Specialized Course Offerings

988     Independent Study (Grades 11, 12)         Everyday        Full Semester        1.00 Credit
989     Independent Study (Grades 11, 12)        Every other day    Full Semester        0.50 Credit
Prerequisite:  Minimum GPA of 2.8 required. Application process, recommendation of Guidance and approval by the Principal.  

Junior and Senior students with a need to extend their curriculum investigation in topics not covered in the Oakmont curriculum may select a special research project or course of study.  Students will be required to develop a curriculum with a qualified teacher or mentor who will monitor and evaluate the project or course of study.  The project must entail a minimum of 124 hours of documented time.  The curriculum must be approved by Guidance and the Principal and must be successfully completed as indicated and graded by the teacher or mentor.  The student will be required to present the completed project to a committee of administration and faculty.  Upon successful presentation to the committee and teacher/mentor approval, credit will be granted.
970      Applied Studies (Grades 9 – 12)    Everyday        Full Semester        1.00 Credit
971    Applied Studies (Grades 9  –12)    Every other day    Full Semester        0.50 Credit
Applied Studies is designed to provide whole class and small group instruction to increase proficiency in reading, language, writing, and public speaking. Students will also learn organizational and study skills, including time management, stress management, goal setting, and test preparation, to help them achieve personal and academic success.