Program of Studies » Fitness


901 Fitness (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)            Every other day    Full Semester        0.50 Credit
This course is designed for students who enjoy active participation in traditional team sports and group activities. Activities will include: basketball, flag football, floor hockey, mat ball, pickleball, soccer, team handball, volleyball, wiffleball, and other group activities. Sports will be offered in season and are designed to teach students the rules and strategies involved in team activities. Conditioning, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio vascular elements will also be addressed.  This course seeks to improve the students’ ability to communicate and develop trust and confidence in a wide variety of fitness, motor skills and problem solving situations.

921  Mind-Body Fitness (Grades 9, 10. 11, 12)    Every other day    Full Semester        0.50 Credit
Mind-body fitness will provide students the opportunity to participate in fitness enhancing activities on a more personal level. Emphasis will be placed on non-competitive activities and the use of personal goals and positive attitudes to enhance health and reduce stress.

910 Unified Physical Education  (Grades 9, 10. 11, 12) Every other day    Full Semester          0.50 Credit
Unified Physical Education is open to all students and is particularly good for students interested in or part of the Friends Club. Through the use of team sports and activities, students will discover new strengths and abilities, practice skills such as sportsmanship, and learn about the importance of physical activity. Students will be asked to demonstrate and assist with game playing and be positive role models. The class will cover a wide variety of activities.