Program of Studies » Health


915     Health and Human Behavior (Grade 9)    Every other day    Full Semester        0.50 Credit
Note:  Required course for graduation.

This course focuses on the eleven body systems and their functions.  Emphasis is placed on understanding how to support a healthy body, and researching the effects negative behaviors and choices may have on these systems.  In addition, issues relevant to young adults are discussed and explored, including such topics as cardiovascular health, skin cancer prevention, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, and substance abuse. 
936 Nutrition & Wellness for Life         Everyday        Full Semester        1.00 Credit      (Grades 10, 11, 12) 
This course will explore the six essential nutrients and the role they play in the body.  We will learn how to eat to stay healthy, physically active, as well as eating for sport performance.  We will look at the influences of agriculture, technology, economics, politics, and cultures and how it relates to our food and wellness choices.  Wellness tips will be a part of everyday activities.  Focusing on coping skills to help with living a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, we will explore physical activity as a way of life and how to develop a successful exercise program.