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iDECIDE Substance Use Education and Diversion Program Featured Photo

iDECIDE Substance Use Education and Diversion Program

We are sending out our yearly letter to let you know we will be continuing the iDecide program at Oakmont High School.   For those families that are new to Oakmont, this will be our 4th year working with the Massachusetts General Hospital in conjunction with the Department of Public Health and the Institute for Health and Recovery regarding iDecide.  We have had wonderful feedback from students and families in regards to the current program our district has adopted to aid our students and families on their journey in healing from, or learning about, Substance Use Disorder.  Each year we administer a completely voluntary school-wide anonymous survey, and with additional consent from guardians, we also offer a 4 week educational class by trained staff on ways we can empower students to change unhealthy behavior related to substance use and abuse.  In addition, Oakmont is assisting MGH in their pursuit of evaluating the effectiveness of the state mandated SBIRT screening to determine the best way to optimize this framework for schools.