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Business Education

639     Business Applications and Career Exploration 

(Grade 10)                    Every other day    Full Semester        0.50 Credit
The goal of this course is to expand the student’s computer literacy, critical thinking, and decision-making skills with a focus on future career exploration. Students will enhance skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and will learn the basics of programming skills. Students will also be exposed to career exploration.  Course emphasis includes the creation, layout, and printing of professional-looking documents. The skills acquired in this course will provide students with a solid foundation in business applications, and the uses of digital research tools to investigate colleges and careers.
(646)      Financial Literacy
(Grades 11, 12)           Everyday Other Day         Full Semester         0.50 Credit
Note: This class is a graduation requirement for all students graduating in 2027 and later and is recommended for all students who want to be in control of their financial futures.
The goal of this course is to equip students with the tools they need to be good financial decision-makers.  Topics include: budgeting, credit cards, banking, taxes and financial planning basics. Students will increase their ability to make quality financial decisions early in their lives that can set themselves up for a lifetime of financial stability. The course will focus on helping students to work through the implications of the decisions they will make immediately following high school. This is a very practical life-skills course, combining math and money management. This course leads into Personal Finance for those students who wish to learn more about making informed financial decisions.
642     Personal Finance
(Grades 11, 12)        Everyday        Full Semester        1.00 Credit
Course Sequence - successful completion of financial literacy
The goal of this course is to build upon the foundation of skills students gained in Financial Literacy and equip students to go deeper in their understanding of the financial world they’re entering after high school.  Topics include: budgeting, credit cards, credit scores, banking, and insurance.  Students will increase civic knowledge by learning about government and taxes.  Investments, risk, and current business events will also be discussed.  The stock market will be investigated by student participation in the “stock market game.”  This is a very practical life-skills course, combining math and money management.  This course is highly recommended for all students who wish to be in control of their financial futures. 
644     Accounting
(Grades 11, 12)             Everyday        Full Semester        1.00 Credit
Students are introduced to basic accounting concepts and career options. Emphasis on competency-based tasks prepares students for entry-level positions or for further study in accounting at the college level. Various business and financial forms are used and every student completes a practice simulation for a particular business.
686     Career Exploration/Internship Program 

(Grade 12)                    Everyday        Full Semester        1.00 Credit
Prerequisite: Minimum GPA of 2.7 or administrative approval

The Career Exploration/Mentor/Internship program is designed to immerse students into the real world of careers and provide a unique opportunity to experience the career world beyond Oakmont’s existing curriculum. This program is open to seniors, in good standing, who seek a challenging learning opportunity and who show a desire to gain actual exposure to real career experiences. Employer, coordinator, and student work closely together while each fulfilling certain responsibilities.  The course places a strong emphasis on communication, responsibility, and decision-making skills.  Because students participate in internships independently in the community, there is a rigorous application process that requires evidence of strong career interest and a high level of personal responsibility. Transcripts, attendance, and discipline records are reviewed. School counselor, course instructor, parent/guardian, and administration approval is required. Students are also responsible for providing their own transportation to internship sites. Students may need to purchase 24-hour accident coverage insurance.  Positive attendance and responsible behavior are expected.
665      Sports  and Entertainment Marketing
(11,12)    Everyday     Full Semester        1.00 Credit

Why take Sports & Entertainment Marketing? Because you will develop a fundamental knowledge of marketing that relates to sports and entertainment industries, and career possibilities available in the industries. Marketing is a tool that has allowed the U.S. economy to become highly successful internationally. The basic functions of marketing product/service management, distribution, selling, marketing information management, financing, pricing, and promotion will be covered. In addition to marketing overview, this course is designed to show how advertising, sales, and event marketing and communications are important.