Principal's Message

Sneakers in a Circle
In the spring of 1993, I walked across the stage and picked up my diploma right here at Oakmont Regional Jr/Sr. High School.  Having the opportunity to come “home” and give back to the community and school that gave me so much is truly an honor.
As I interviewed for this position, I was reminded repeatedly of what a special place this community is and how amazing our students and this school are.  This came as no surprise to me and made me all the more excited to get started.  
Oakmont is an excellent school.  Oakmont is amazing not only because of the incredibly dedicated, compassionate, caring, student-centered staff; not only because of the amazing and supportive community of businesses and organizations that continuously step up to support us; not only because of the highly involved and supportive parents who work with and communicate regularly with our staff; but also because of our amazing students.  Oakmont graduates continuously go out into the world and become leaders.  But what makes me so proud is hearing about how our current students live our core values.  Our students know how to be inclusive, how to problem solve, and how to be kind and respectful to others.
We are proud of our program of studies and will continue to review and update our curricula and course offerings to meet the needs of our students.  We also have an incredibly rich tradition of excellence with our co-curricular programs which we highly encourage you to take advantage of and be a part of.  DON’T WAIT to join teams, clubs, and activities!  Students who have been a part of our athletic teams, music ensembles, as well as our art, drama, and engineering programs go on to be leaders in these areas after graduation.  What I remember from my time at Oakmont is that no matter what you are passionate about it, you can pursue it and you will be supported and encouraged to be the best you can be at it!  This is still true today.  Take advantage and get involved!
Retired Principal Mr. Uminski, now famously, repeated the mantra that “you will get out of Oakmont what you put into it.”  As Principal, I promise to challenge the staff to continuously grow, learn, and improve each and every day and to push you, our students, to do the same.  Together, we can propel Oakmont to even higher levels of success.  
Our ultimate goal is to prepare you to have the knowledge, skills, motivation, and confidence to pursue whatever you are passionate about after graduation and to be a great human being who contributes to your community and the world in a positive way.  Let’s have some fun becoming even better!
~ Jeff Lizotte
“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however, if I treat you as you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.” - Goethe