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School Counseling

 Guidance counselors are available to assist students with their everyday problems. Visits to the guidance office are by appointment during the regular school schedule. No appointment is necessary to consult with a counselor before or after school or in cases of emergency.
Counselors assist students by helping them assess and understand their abilities, aptitudes, interests and their educational and vocational needs. They may also assist students in the resolution of personal problems. Parents/guardians are invited to contact the Guidance Department (978 827-5907, ext. 2161) if any problems arise concerning their child's progress in school. Students with last names starting with letters:
A - F work with Alex Pilger ([email protected])
G - O work with Paul Bradley ([email protected])
P - Z work with Amy Dubovick ([email protected])
Starting in sophomore year guidance counselors instruct students to use Naviance. Naviance is a comprehensive online career and college database which students will use heavily throughout their junior and senior years.
Additionally students are encouraged to visit the Guidance office to obtain materials related to career exploration and the college search process.
School Counseling Department
Amy Dubovick
Ms. Amy Dubovick
School Counselor (P - Z)
Ext: 2164
Paul Bradley
Mr. Paul Bradley
School Counselor (G - O)
Ext: 2159
Lori Malnati
Ms. Lori Malnati
Adjustment Counselor
Elizabeth Masterman
Ms. Elizabeth Masterman
Adjustment Counselor
Juneanne McLoughlin
Ms. Juneanne McLoughlin
School Counseling Dept. Secretary
Alex Pilger
Mr. Alex Pilger
School Counselor (A - F)
Ext: 2163