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Athletics Hall of Fame

There are four categories for induction into the Hall of Fame: Athletes, Coaches, Civic Contributors, and Teams. Criteria for student/athlete inductees are that the nominee must be a graduate of Oakmont Regional High School, be out of Oakmont for at least five years, an Oakmont varsity letter winner, and have made a lasting positive contribution to the athletic program at Oakmont Regional High School. A coach must have coached at least eight years (in one sport). Civic Contributor inductees can be chosen from anyone who made a significant, lasting contribution to the athletic programs at Oakmont Regional High School. A selection committee made up of past and present coaches makes the final decision of induction. Inductees are awarded an honorary plaque and be given a permanent admission pass to all Oakmont home athletic events. A plaque with the inductee’s name and photograph will be on permanent display in the Gym Lobby at Oakmont Regional High School.


Arthur I. Hurd

Donna (MacNeill) Kiuru ’61

Richard Leavenworth ’62

Amy Linnus ’62

Mary Bergevin ’63

Sally Carll ’64

Julie (Kuzewski) Herndon ’66

Judy (Fuller) McBride ’66

Steven Onischuk ’66

Brian Swedberg ’66

Pentti Auvinen ’67

Steve Swedberg ’68

David Reid ’68

Karen (Gormley) Ryder ’68

Dan Martin ’69

Jane (Fourtier) Boudreau ’70

Sue Navin ’71

Michael Hurd ’72

L. Paul Collette ’73

Gary Vincent ’74

Chuck Wyman ‘74

Nancy Jean Janhunen ’76

Barbara Kodys ’77

Dave Wyman ’77

John Hess ’78

William LeBlanc ’78

Mitch Anderson ’79

Heidi (Anderson) Haley ’80

Kirsten (Swedberg) Locke ’80

Gary Hyre ’80

Pam Moryl ’80

Ingrid (Anderson) Murray ‘81

Arlene Hecker ’81

Charles Smith ’81

Shawn Halloran ’82

Victor Cormier ’83

Kelly (Halloran) Pavinelli ’83

Brad Bedard ’84

Chris Marien ’85

Kevin Murphy ‘85

Kevin Descarreaux ’86

Jody Normandin ‘86

Tanya (Urban) Hautala ’86

Maureen (Casey) Gorham ‘87

Tim Driscoll ‘87

Missy (Urban) Banks ‘87

Karen Driscoll ‘89

Justine (Dube) Donnelly ’89

Missy (Charland) Arvanigian ’90

Jen (Corby) Lyman ’90

Erin McDermott ’90

Amy (Mercier) Dawson ‘91

Becki (Phelps) Howard ‘91

Bryan Brown ‘92

Nicole (Marien) Nadaeu ’93

Eric Dawley ’94

Ben Linnus ’95

Kathleen (Higgins) Sigrist ’95

Kevin Horgan ’96

Tim LaRoche ‘97

Leann (Lehtinen) Roy ’97

Tim Caouette ’00

Catherine Marlborough ’01

Jill Thibodeau ’02

Justin Nussey ’04

Rebecca Wojciak ’05

Nate Anderson ‘05

 Kyle Anderson ‘07

John Griffin ‘07

Kurt Kublebeck '90

Todd Bennett '92

Jason Cook '93

Ted Chase '93

Ryan Carney '93

Tim O'Day '95

Kara Smolinsky '99

Kalene Wotton '00

Pete Normandin '04

Caitlin Hall '05

Jake Catlin '05

Alex LeBlanc '07

Jesse Hunt '09

Courtney Nivala '13

Marty Anderson

Gary Caouette

Dennis Driscoll

Harold Hatch

Kenneth Keough

Donna (MacNeill) Kiuru

Dave LaRoche

Ron Therrien

Robert Weeks

Doug White

William Wyman

Robert McGowan

Lisa Rodriquenz

Blair Arsenault

George Cancellieri

Skip Cummings

Alice Douglas

Mel Douglas

Warren “Cider” Harding

Dr. John Harrington

Stan Herriot

Jeff Lawrence

Richard Mackey

Rick Noseworthy

Vic Pelletier

Louise Reid

Steve Slocum

Dan Stango

Steve Stewart ‘82

Bert Sullivan

Norm Wagner ‘72

Dr. Michael Zapantis

The Ashburnham-Westminster Rotary Club

Heather Billings

1977 Football Team

1982 Boys Spring Track Team

1983 Boys Spring Track Team

1984 Boys Spring Track Team

1989 Softball Team

1973 Football Team

2010 Boys Ice Hockey Team