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School Safety Information

Administrative Search Policy
The school administration retains control of lockers and desk space assigned to students, and regulates admission and parking of automobiles on school grounds. The administration, therefore, has the right and duty to inspect and search students’ lockers and desks, book bags, purses, containers, and student or non-student automobiles, if the administration reasonably suspects, upon information received from law enforcement officials or other sources, that drugs, weapons, dangerous illegal or prohibited matter, or goods stolen from school or from members of the staff or student body, are likely to be found therein. The administration also has the right and duty to search a student’s person if it has a reasonable degree of suspicion that drugs, weapons, dangerous illegal or prohibited matter, or such stolen goods, are likely to be found on the student’s person, in exercise of the school’s duty to enforce school discipline and to protect the health and safety of the student and/or student body. The items of such search may be turned over to law enforcement officials for inspection or examination and may be the subject of criminal or juvenile court prosecution, or of school disciplinary proceedings. 
Failure to comply with the Administrative Search Policy may result in a suspension and police notification. 
Age of Majority
One of the most significant laws that pertain to Oakmont students was passed by the Massachusetts Great and General Court was the legislation granting the right to vote and other “adult” privileges to persons reaching the age of eighteen. While we do not quarrel with the law, we do take a slightly different approach to it. As long as an eighteen-year old student remains at home, we will continue to expect the parent or guardian to discharge the responsibilities that parents and guardians of students under eighteen years must assume. Only upon receipt of a letter from a parent or guardian stating that they no longer wish to be involved and that they expect their son or daughter to assume full responsibility for all their school situations will we allow the eighteen-year-old or older student the right to make all his or her own decisions. This right carries with it the responsibility of being totally accountable for those decisions.
Building Evacuations and Fire Drills
Safety is a top priority at Oakmont. Our students and staff are trained throughout the year in school safety procedures. Working with both town’s police departments we will conduct safety drills each year in case of an intruder or unsafe situation.
Fire Drills
The purpose of a fire or building evacuation drill is to safeguard students in the event of an actual fire or evacuation. In each classroom instructions are prominently displayed regarding the route to be used in leaving the building during drills.
All students are expected to observe the following: 
  1. No talking, stay with your class. 
  2. Walk swiftly in single file. 
  3. Be attentive. Obey all directions immediately. 
  4. Outside the building move quickly to your assigned location and find your teacher- check-in for attendance. 
  5. On the return signal, return to the building in an orderly fashion. Return at once to the room that you left on the fire drill/evacuation signal. 

Building Security Alert

In the event of a building security concern, a loudspeaker announcement from the administration will be made. Instructions will be given to secure classrooms. Teachers will make sure that students are secure in their classrooms with doors shut and locked and students not visible from doors. Any students in the corridor will be taken into adjacent classrooms upon the alert. Teachers will await further instructions from the administration. If evacuation is necessary we will follow existing procedures. 


A.L.I.C.E. Procedures

The basis of this protocol is rooted in its acronym - ALICE. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. These are the options students and teachers have in a dangerous situation. The staff and teachers are trained to use any one or more of these strategies to help get them to safety based on the information that they see or hear in a dangerous situation. Because every situation is different with limitless possibilities, the ALICE procedures allow students and staff to make decisions at the moment that they feel will lead to individual safety. It is important to note that in the event the school is closed for investigation or emergency, students may be relocated to a pickup location under the direction of law enforcement and school administrators. Parents will be made aware of the reunification location as soon as possible and will be able to pick it up when safe to do so.
Parent Visits
Parents and visitors must report to the Main Office upon entering the building. If a parent wishes to meet with a teacher, please contact the teacher directly to schedule a time and place for the meeting. 
Pass System
Students from other schools are generally not permitted to visit during the school day. Any exceptions must be approved by the administration. Orientation days for 8th graders are scheduled in November and an orientation day for school-choice students is scheduled in April.