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Student Handbook - School Overview and Operations



Student Handbook


School Overview and Operations

The school year calendar below lists the beginning and end dates of the school year, no school days, holidays, or conferences. It typically is not updated during the school year. Please note: The 180th day is the ANTICIPATED last day of school.  Please plan on AT LEAST FIVE snow days when making your summer vacation plans.
AWRSD School Year Calendar
Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District Vision Statement


At the Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District, we focus on doing what is best for students to meet their academic and social-emotional needs to thrive in a global society through: 

  • academically challenging curriculum; 
  • community and civic engagement; 
  • continuous, responsible use of all resources and evolving technology; 
  • high quality, ongoing, focused professional development for staff; 
  • real-world applications; 
  • reflection for continuous improvement; 
  • research-based and data-driven instructional practices; 
  • resilient, solution-based mindsets; and 
  • student input and ownership.
Oakmont Regional High School Mission Statement
The mission of Oakmont Regional High School is to provide an inclusive, nurturing environment where students pursue academic excellence, practice respect, think innovatively, and prepare for life-long participation in an ever-changing global society.
Oakmont Regional High School Core Values

A school’s core values define those qualities that are desired to be modeled by the educational practices within a school. Beyond academic proficiencies, these values are what we hope students take with them into their futures. 

In our pursuit of academic, technological, and personal excellence, the Oakmont learning community will act responsibly, be self-directed, communicate clearly and appropriately, address and solve problems, and practice respect. 


We are responsible when we…

▪ account for our actions, attitudes, words and their consequences; 

▪ consider others’ needs; 

▪ reflect on our actions and respond accordingly; 

▪ accept constructive criticism; 

▪ use technology ethically; 

▪ contribute fully while collaborating with peers. 


We are self-directed when we…. 
▪ prioritize academic tasks and manage time effectively;
▪ make decisions in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, fitness, and preventative care;
▪ make informed, thoughtful decisions regarding our emotional, physical and mental health;
▪ conduct ourselves appropriately in a variety of social situations; 
▪ work diligently, independently, or within collaborative groups. 



We communicate clearly, appropriately, independently, or collaboratively when we… 
▪ read actively and critically for information and understanding; 
▪ write clearly and accurately for a variety of purposes; 
▪ speak clearly and appropriately for the audience; 
▪ listen attentively and openly to others; 
▪ use multiple modes of creative expression; 
▪ demonstrate cultural and digital age literacy. 

Problem Solving


We address and solve problems independently or collaboratively when we… 

▪ adapt to ever-changing learning environments; 

▪ look for analytic and/or creative ways to identify, describe, and solve real-world problems;

▪ research, interpret, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize info from verbal, printed, and digital sources; 

▪ demonstrate curiosity and intellectual risk-taking. 


We practice respect when we...

▪ accept others with kindness and openness; 
▪ expand our awareness of and appreciation for the global community; 
▪ treat others ethically with honesty and integrity;
▪ accept diversity and recognize the different ways we learn, think, look, and live.


Oakmont Regional High School Learner Expectations
Along with the acquisition and application of knowledge in specific subject areas, Oakmont Regional High School is also committed to teaching those skills and competencies that educational research and public policy has identified as necessary for students to learn, and which will serve as the foundational processes for future learning in career or post-secondary education. These learning expectations address academic, social, and civic competencies.
  • Critical Thinking: Reading, listening, and research skills to gather, interpret, synthesize and evaluate information while using a variety of methods and technologies. 
  • Communication: Demonstrate learning through creative, multiple modes of expression which include but are not limited to various technologies. 



  • Responsibility: Demonstrate responsibility by being flexible and adaptable while working independently and collaboratively to accomplish tasks. 
  • Decision-Making: Plan for and make healthy lifestyle decisions. 



  • Citizenship: Understand the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a diverse democratic society and be thoughtful, accepting, reflective, and active citizens in the school and larger community. 
School Cancellation and Delays
On days when it becomes necessary to cancel school because of extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen emergency, a OneCall phone call will be made to all student households. Announcements will also be carried on the regular broadcast at radio stations WEIM (1280 AM) Fitchburg, WGAW (1340 AM) Gardner, WTAG (580 AM) Worcester, WXLO (104.5 FM) Worcester, WSRS (96 FM) Worcester, WBZ (1030 AM) Boston; as well as WCVB-TV, WRKO-TV, WBZ-TV, AND FOX 25 TV Boston. 
Daily Schedule

Oakmont Regional High School uses a 4x4 block schedule. Students will have 4 classes per day, each of which meets for 83 minutes. The typical daily schedule is shown below.

Oakmont Regional High School Daily Bell Schedule



7:30 - 8:53

Passing Time / Bagel Bar

8:53 - 8:58


OTV announcements

8:58 - 9:08

Passing time

9:08 - 9:11


9:11 - 10:34

C-Block, Lunch, break & Passing

First Lunch Classes

Lunch 10:37-10:57

Passing 10:57 -11:00

C Block 11:00-12:23

Break 12:23 - 12:32


Second Lunch Classes

Break 10:34-10:43

C-Block 10:43-12:06

Lunch 12:09-12:29

Passing 12:29 - 12:32


First Lunch Classes


Second Lunch Classes


Applied Studies



Learning Center



Tech Engineering



Fitness & Health


Social Studies

World Languages


12:32 - 1:55

Extra help, Detention

2:05 - 2:55


The Student-Parent Online Portal
Access to the Student Information System(SIS) commonly referred to as the online portal, is provided only as an educational support for parents and students. The portal contains biographical information, attendance data, and grades. The information provided via the portal is not an official record. For official records, parents should contact the child’s school. 
How to Access the Online Portal
To access the portal, click on the PlusPortal link on the ORHS website (under Family Resources and/or Student Resources) or by going to www.plusportals.com/oak. Email [email protected] if you are having difficulty or if you have not received an account activation email. Be sure to include your full name, your child’s name, and the grade the student is in. Parents who do not have access to a home computer should contact the main office before September 12th to make arrangements to view report cards and progress reports. Usernames and passwords are to be kept confidential. The district accepts no responsibility if a username or password is shared, given, stolen, or, in any other way, becomes the possession of another party. 

Terms of Use
Parent access to the online portal will be monitored. Logs list the date and time of login and the duration of login. In accessing the portal you are agreeing to the following terms: 
  • I understand that the school district is providing this access as a privilege, and if abused this access may be suspended or revoked. 
  • I understand that the school district is not liable for any damages to personal equipment incurred when connected to the parent portal.
  • In consideration of using the Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District network and having access to my student’s grades and attendance, I hereby release the Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District from any claims and damages from my use of the system. 
Communicating with Administration and Staff Members
There are several ways in which to contact the teachers and administrators at the school. Some of the more commonly used methods are listed below, however, a complete staff directory can be found on the Oakmont website or by clicking here.


Oakmont Main Office      Phone Number: (978) 827-5907 Fax Number: (978) 827-1413
Oakmont Nurse’s Office Phone Number: (978) 827-5907 ext. 2158 Fax Number: (978) 827-5624
Oakmont School Counseling Phone Number: (978) 827-5907 ext. 2161 Fax Number: (978) 827-1415


Position and Name Phone Number Email
Superintendent, Todd Stewart (978) 827-1434 [email protected]
Business Manager, Julie Surprenant (978) 827-1434 [email protected]
Principal, Jeffrey Lizotte (978) 827-5907 [email protected]
Assistant Principal, Michael Buswell (978) 827-5907 ext.2153 [email protected]
Assistant Principal, Brian Cote (978) 827-5907 ext. 2155 [email protected]
Athletic Director, Eric Dawley (978) 827-5907 ext. 2166 [email protected]
Music Director, Kris DeMoura (978) 827-5907 ext. 2168 [email protected]
School Nurse, Jessica Heffernan (978) 827-5907 ext. 2158 [email protected]
Director of Pupil Services, Justine Muir (978) 827-3062 [email protected]
Custodial Services Director, Colby Contois (978) 827-5907 ext. 2169 [email protected]
Cafeteria Services Director, Dennis Mueller (978) 827-5907 ext. 2167 [email protected]



Students will be assigned a locker upon request and may request the location of that locker. Students are strongly encouraged to use their lockers periodically throughout the school day. Carrying heavy backpacks is discouraged because of potential back injuries and obstruction in classrooms and the cafeteria. Students should not bring valuables or large sums of money to school. The school cannot be held responsible for materials missing from lockers. Students should keep locker combinations private and make sure that locks are properly secured. Students are responsible for the contents of their assigned lockers; no one else should have access to your locker. Students will not store materials in any locker but their own. 


Students are also issued locks and lockers for fitness classes and the same guidelines apply. These lockers are only to be used for fitness items and clothing. Students must secure valuables and clothing in their fitness lockers during class. Students found in locker room areas who are not in association with fitness classes will be subject to disciplinary action.