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Introductory Letter

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Dear Students and Parents/guardians of Oakmont Regional High School:

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

Last year we spent a significant amount of time acclimating to our new “normal” and hopefully puting the worst of the pandemic behind us.  As we begin this year, we know we still have more to do to support each other while facing what seem to be ever increasing challenges both globally as well as locally.  What we know is that we have an amazing, caring, and talented staff who all love working with kids and want to partner with students, families, and our community to help our students navigate these things.  We want to help our students  learn to cope with the daily drama of the world around us while also recognizing and nurturing their talents and helping prepare them for their post-high school plans.

We strive to create a safe learning environment for ALL students and as such, it is very important for all members of our school community to understand and comply with the expectations that are in place.  This handbook contains the rules, procedures, and expectations that govern operations at Oakmont Regional High School.  It is very difficult to create a document that encompasses every possible scenario that may arise during the course of our school year but our hope is that the policies, procedures, and expectations outlined in this document will serve as a guide to supplement the judgment of the administration, faculty, and staff with the operation of our school.  The handbook is reviewed and updated yearly and input is sought from students, staff, and parents.  It is important to note that our school’s core values are at the heart of these expectations.  We expect all members of our school community to care for the safety and well-being of others in our community and to report any chemical or physical health violations that may be causing harm.  Students should feel comfortable making reports to a responsible adult staff member in the building but they may also report incidents anonymously utilizing the school’s website.   In order to ensure safety to all, we ask that if you see something, say something and look out for each other.

Our ultimate goal for Oakmont students is that they are in a safe, respectful environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn.  In order for this to occur, the students of Oakmont must manage personal responsibility and display maturity and respect at all times.  We encourage all our students to engage in critical thinking, utilize appropriate communication, take responsibility for their actions, be thoughtful in their decision-making, and grow into productive and kind individuals.

Our handbook provides the guidelines to handle situations that fall outside of our expectations.  It is important that you understand and acknowledge these expectations. Please electronically sign the acknowledgement on our website.

Let’s make this an amazing year!

Kindest Regards,

Jeffrey M. Lizotte
(978) 827-5907 x2157
Brian J. Cote
Assistant Principal
(978) 827-5907 x2153
Jennifer Spear
Assistant Principal
(978) 827-5907 x2155