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Youth and Community Survey 3/31/2022

Oakmont Regional High School is working with the nonprofit agency LUK, Inc. ( to conduct the Youth and Community Survey, which will take 45-50 minutes to complete. This survey focuses on the health behaviors of 6th through 12th grade students, and includes questions about bullying, violence, substance use and mental health concerns.  Results from this survey will provide valuable information that will help staff and administration incorporate prevention education and mental health resources.   Oakmont Regional High School will be implementing this survey to 9th & 11th graders on 4/12/22 first thing in the morning.

Oakmont Loses a Giant in Education

Dr. Griffin taught at Oakmont Regional High School for fifty years in a remarkable career that extended beyond and influenced more than three generations of students.

iDECIDE Substance Use Education and Diversion Program

A team of clinicians and scientists from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School are partnering with schools across Massachusetts to evaluate the effectiveness of a new substance use diversion and education program called iDECIDE (Drug Education Curriculum: Intervention, Diversion, and Empowerment) that will be implemented at AWRSD at Oakmont High School and Overlook Middle School as well as nearly 100 schools across the entire state of Massachusetts.
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